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Get ready for Tavern Talk!

a cozy Visual Novel

«Where Coffee Talk meets
Dungeons & Dragons

Play the tavern owner!
Listen to stories, forge quests,
mix magical drinks and save the world!

Made by Gentle Troll Entertainment

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In a nutshell:

💖 Cozy Visual Novel game about friendship and adventures. Listen to stories, gather rumors, forge quests, mix magical drinks, and save the world in Tavern Talk.

  • 🧝‍♀️ Play the tavern owner
  • 🏳️‍🌈 Diverse cast of characters
  • 📜 Engaging stories
  • 💬 Meaningful choices
  • 🍹 Magical drink mixing
  • ✨ Gorgeous art
  • 💖 Found family

In detail:

A cozy visual novel about running a tavern in a D&D-inspired fantasy! Gather rumors, serve drinks, and meet adventurers on a life-changing quest.

Fable telling a story.

Speak with adventurers.

You Walk into A Tavern…

Tavern from outside in panorama view.

Play the tavern owner.

…and get to work! You are the owner of the Wayfarer’s Inn, a popular watering hole in the fantasy land of Asteria.

But you’re no ordinary barkeep. Be it a potion of seething fury or prancing swords, the drinks you serve can change your customer’s destiny forever. You can also turn the rumours you hear at work into bold quests for your patrons!

Pouring a drink.

Mix magical infused drinks.

Befriend a colourful cast of adventurers as they brag about their latest triumph – or commiserate an utter failure. Whether it’s relaxation or a fresh thrill, you’re on hand to give each patron what they need.

Fable reading quest with sparkling eyes.

Give out quests to adventurers

Beyond the walls of this cosy tavern, a world-threatening danger is brewing. Every quest, rumour and conversation is intertwined with the ultimate fate of the land.

You will...

Find Your Family

The Wayfarer's Inn is a safe haven to a colourful cast of characters inspired by TTRPGs. Get to know their unique personalities, and help them find a place that feels like home.

Character lineup behind the bar.

Brew Up a Storm

Serve an ever-growing menu of magical drinks to your patrons, but choose carefully, as your choice will alter their fates.

Drinks aligned on the bar.

Whip Up Some Quests

Gather rumours from the tavern-goers and use them to create quests for your adventurous guests.

Connect the Dots

Piece together the fragments in your little study and uncover the secrets of an ancient evil threatening the land.

Cherish the Space

As adventurers return from their mighty quests, they’ll bring back trinkets you can use to decorate your tavern. Your choices shape the snug interior of the Wayfarer’s Inn!

So... are you ready for adventure?

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